Regional 1 Tournament @ Heritage High School
February 12 & 13, 2010

Four More Bricks
(Feb 13, 2010)

On Saturday, February 13, 2010, at Heritage High School, Josh Federico (103), Dan Godin (119), Sean Burroughs (125) and Derek Olson (145) qualified to compete at the 75th Annual CHSAA State Wrestling Championships which begin on Thursday, February 18 at 7:15 PM at the Pepsi Center.

Wrestling in the Region 1 tournament, Federico and Godin made it to the championship finals.  Federico lost an exciting match to Standley Lake's Ryan Adams, 6-16, while Godin lost a hard fought match to Rocky Mountain's two time state champion, Jeremy Schmitt, 1-4.  Burroughs wrestled a smart match against Centaurus' Cesar Valenzuela and secured his trip to the Pepsi Center with a third place finish.  Olson did it the hard way.  He finished the tournament in 5th place but earned the right to wrestleback the fourth place finisher, JD Rosales from Lincoln, because the two had not wrestled previously Olson won by fall in the third period and took the fourth qualifying position at 145.  David Rose (140), Jacob Fisher (160) and Pavlo Ivanusa (189) finished in sixth place. 


103 - Josh Federico - 2nd Place
vs Jacob Sphatt, Arapahoe (WD 15-5)

vs Rudy Peterson, Durango (WD 11-5)
vs Ryan Adams, Standley Lake (LD 6-16)

112 - Tony Mendietta
vs Clayton Muller, Fruita (WBF1)
vs Eric Aguilar, Westminster (LD 4-11)
Forfeit vs Thaddeus Hayes, Doherty

119 - John Godin - 2nd Place
vs Zach Nielsen, Montbello (WBF1)
vs Bryan Aguilar, Westminster (WBF1)
vs Carlos Rosales, Lincoln (WBF1)
vs Jeremy Schmitt, Rocky Mountain (LD 1-4)

125 - Sean Burroughs - 3rd Place
vs Rylen Pimienta, Doherty (WBF3)
vs Quinn McGehan, Fairview (LD 1-3)
vs Josh Bohney, Heritage (WMD 13-3)
vs Cesar Valenzuela, Centaurus (4-3)

130 - Dan Godin
vs Jon Wilson, Rampart (LD 6-8)
vs Ricky Mahan, Doherty (WBF1)
vs Seth Hardcastle, Arapahoe (LD 8-10)

135 - Chris Bach
vs Jeremy Luna, Rocky Mountain (LBF2)
vs Kevin Stephenson, Standley Lake (LBF1)

David Rose  - 6th Place
vs Trevor Powers, Coronado (LBF1)
vs Austin Douglas, Fruita (WBF2)
vs Dustin Malkovich, Doherty (WB Forfeit)
vs Harrison Levin, Arapahoe (WD 11-9)
vs Trevor Powers, Coronado (LD 3-13)
vs Jeff Adams, Rampart (LD 2-10)

145 - Derek Olson  - 5th Place (Wrestleback Winner)
vs Adam Wojteczko, Heritage (WBF1)
vs Derick Padilla, Rocky Mountain (LBF1)
vs Jason Hill, Rampart (WBF1)
vs Elijah Hittle, Centaurus (WD 6-5)
vs Logan McNutty, Fruita (LD 4-8)
vs Dominique Martinez, Westminster (WBF2)
vs JD Rosales, Lincoln (WBF3)
Wrestleback Winner

152 - Forfeit

160 - Jakob Fisher - 6th Place
vs Eric Sundblad, Arapahoe (WBF1)
vs Cooper Hoag, Doherty (LD 0-5)
vs Korey Schlaudt, Rampart (WBF1)
vs John Sims, Fairview (WBF2)
vs Billy O'Brien, Heritage (LD 3-6)
vs Joaquin Marquez, Westminster (LBF2)

171 - Darren Rutledge
vs Jay Seefeld, Rocky Mountain (LD 6-17)
vs Jeff Rice, Arapahoe (WBF2)
vs Daniel Wells, Doherty (LD 2-11)

189 - Pavlo Ivanusa - 6th Place

vs Garrett Kovach, Rocky Mountain (WD 2-1)
vs Noah Hartman, Doherty (LBF1)
vs Logan Steppan, Heritage (LBF2)
vs Joe Leigh, Fruita (LD 3-6)

215 - Brandon Candelarie
vs Greg Smith, Rocky Mountain (LD 4-15)
vs Carlos Alcala, Westminster (LBF1)

275 - Jimmy Short
vs Keith Karnes, Rampart (WD 4-3)
vs Ermias Abebe, Rocky Mountain (LBF1)
vs Matt Licon, Lincoln (WB Forfeit)
vs Joe Zaccardi, Rocky Mountain (LBF2)