Top Of The Rockies Tournament
January 23 & 24, 2009

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Boulder's Daily Camera ... 1/20/2009
Rocky Mountain News ... 1/24/2009

Aurora Sentinel ... 1/26/2009

Grandview competed at the tough Top of the Rockies tournament at Centaurus High School in Lafayette for the seventh time and finished in fifteenth place in the field of 30 teams from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

Despite forfeits at the 160 and 171 pound weight classes, the team picked up bonus points in the early rounds and got off to a good start. Six wrestlers advanced to the second day and three placed.  Eric Wilson (119) and Penn Wade (215) finished third and Jake Chatham (285) finished fifth.

Previous results

2003-2004, 8th Place
2004-2005, 10th Place
2006-2007, 14th Place
2008-2009, 15th Place
2005-2006, 17th Place
1999-2000, 20th Place
2007-2008, 21st Place

Rio Rancho 175.5, Roosevelet 163.5, Loveland 154, Campbell County (Wyo.) 153, Grand Junction Central 124, Ponderosa 114.5, Alamosa 112, Rocky Mountain 110.5, Cheyenne Central (Wyo.) 108, Chaparral 94, Northridge 92.5, Broomfield 92, Green River (Wyo.) 88.5, Fort Lupton 81.5, Grandview 78.5, Pueblo South 75, Legacy 73, Montezuma-Cortez 72.5, Lakewood 72, Uintah (Utah) 70, Greeley Central 69, Thompson Valley 65.5, Centaurus 60, Longmont 58, Fort Morgan 45, Conifer 44, Brighton 42.5, Pueblo West 38, Silver Creek 17, Denver East 15


103 - Josh Federico
Mario Luna, Green River, WY (LD 6-10)
vs Jordan Padilla, Brighton (WTF 16-0)
vs Anthony Deleon, Ft Lupton (LD 0-1)

112 - John Godin
vs Noah Carillo, Greeley Central (WBF1)
vs Tanner Olson, Campbell County, WY (LD 2-4)
vs Dakota Holmes, Uintah, UT (LMD 2-11)

119 - Eric Wilson - 3rd Place
vs Dylan Shively, Conifer (WBF2)
vs Elijah Marquez, Ft Lupton (WBF1)
vs Jeremy Luna, Rocky Mountain (WD 8-3)
vs Colby Christensen, Uintah, UT (LD 0-1)
vs Michael Walsh, Alamosa (WD 4-2)
vs CJ York, Roosevelt (WD 3-1)

125 - Michael Balagna
vs Jacob Atwood, Greeley Central (LD 2-3)
vs Jeremiah Holloway, Denver East (LD 4-6)

130 - Dan Godin
vs Derek Gray, Ft Morgan (WD 4-2)
vs Taylor Merkley, Uintah, UT (LBF2)
vs Tyler Brice, Ponderosa (LBF2)

135 - Joe Tripp
vs Luke Case, Brighton (LTF 0-15)
vs Josh Robinson, Campbell County, WY (LD 3-8)

140 - Jakob Fisher
vs Cody Harris, Denver East (LBF2)
vs Tyler Rodosovich, Pueblo West (WD 5-1)
vs Keith Beauvais, Centaurus (LTF 3-20)

145 - Derek Olson
vs Brandon Lopez, Pueblo South (LBF2)
vs Raul Maldonado, Roosevelt (LBF3)

152 - Josh Starr
vs Steven Benmajed, Ft Lupton (WBF3)
vs Stevie Jones, Green River (WBF4)
vs Justin Gonzales, Northridge (LMD 2-10)

160 - Forfeit

171 - Forfeit

189 - Enes Ozekin
vs Ryker Haddock, Longmont (LMD 6-14)
vs Kyle Jamison, Grand Junction Central (WBF2)
vs Chris Mendoza, Greeley Central (WD 9-8)
vs Derek Good, Ponderosa (LMD 0-13)

215 - Penn Wade - 3rd Place
vs Hunter Maxwell, Ft Morgan (WD 9-3)
vs Fabian Guerrero, Ft Lupton (LD 4-5)
vs Cody Young, Ponderosa (WBF1)
vs Nathan Bayles, Green River, WY (WD 7-5)
vs Greg Smith, Rocky Mountain (WD 9-7)
vs Hunter Maxwell, Ft Morgan (WD 5-2)

275 - Jake Chatham - 5th Place
vs Jeff Knight, Legacy (WBF1)
vs Cody Wheeler, Broomfield (WBF1)
vs Austin Scheufele, Centaurus (LBF1)
vs Alex Remmo, Thompson Valley (WBF1)
vs Ben Jackson, Brighton (WD 3-2)
vs Scot Coyle, Longmont (LD 2-5)
vs Doug Fisher, Ft Lupton (WBF2)