Thornton Invitational Tournament
January 31, 2009

THORNTON | For the second year, Grandview competed at the Thornton Invitational Tournament.  This year the tournament format was changed from two pools with eight teams to a standard 16 wrestler bracket.  The Wolves finished first in their pool last year but Alamosa finished first in the other pool and there was no clear team winner.  That was not the case this year.  Grandview jumped out to an early lead in the first round with another strong team performance and kept the lead throughout the tournament.

Six wrestlers advanced to the finals, one wrestler made it to the consolation final and three wrestlers were one away from wrestling for third.  Four wrestlers won the championship match.  Eric Wilson (119), Josh Starr (152), Penn Wade (215) and Jake Catham (285) finished first.  John Godin (112) and Michael Balagna (125) finished second and Josh Federico (103) finished third.  Dan Godin (130), Joe Tripp (135) and Greg George (189) were one away from the third place consolation match.

1st place team: Grandview
2nd place team: Legacy

103 K. Gavaldon (FC) 3-1 dec. K. Grosvenor (BC)
112 A. Schmitz (GW) 7-1 dec. J. Godin (GV)
119 E. Wilson (GV) 5-0 dec. J. Martinez (GW)
125 D. Locke (RV) 3:12 pin M. Balagna (GV)
130 C. Wessel (LEG) 2:28 pin CT Robinson (SC)
135 J. Werth (FC) :48 pin E. Watkins (THO)
140 N. Garcia (GW) 3:08 pin B. Hill (AA)
145 J. Bechtold (SKY) 11-2 dec. S. Johnson (RHS)
152 J. Starr (GV) 5-2 dec. J. Southard (LEG)
160 K. Johnson (THO) 6-3 dec. L. Niven (LIB)
171 B. Wolf (GC) 2:45 pin K. Scribner (MV)
189 D. Mitchell (LEG) :32 pin J. Martinez (SKY)
215 P. Wade (GV) 6-3 dec. C. Jackson (LIB)
285 J. Chatham (GV) 1:28 pin N. Prins (MV)

103 J. Federico (GV) :47 pin L. Crisel (GC)
112 F. Vigil (AA) 3:34 pin R. Orban (SC)
119 R. Mata (RV) inj. def. R. Jones (MV)
125 J. Atwood (GC) 3-1 dec. J. Carlson (LHS)
130 Z. Crisel (GC) 2:17 pin T. Kerr (RV)
135 D. Miller (AA) 2:12 pin C. Southard (LEG)
140 J. Kelley (BC) inj. def. M. Rangel (GC)
145 D. Fernandez (LEG) 4-0 dec. B. Dennis (BC)
152 D. Contreras (GC) 8-3 dec. D. Landry (MV)
160 A. Graham (SKY) 14-4 dec. C. Thompson (SC)
171 S. Riley (SKY) 9-4 dec. J. Burch (AA)
189 V. Delmonico (BC) 2:40 fall C. Mendoza (GC)
215 C. Spaulding (FC) not contested B. Cortez (LEG)
285 J. Zavala (SKY) 4:40 pin J. Knight (LEG)

Air Academy, Bear Creek, Denver North, Fort Collins, Grandview,
Greeley Central, Greeley West, Horizon, Legacy, Liberty, Mountain View,
Ralston Valley, Rangeview, Silver Creek, Skyline, Thornton


103 - Josh Federico - 3rd Place
Francis Lumba, Rangeview (WBF2)
vs Kegan Gavaldon, Ft Collins (LBF3)
vs Chris Brewer, Ralston Valley (WD 5-0)
vs Logan Crisell, Greeley Central (WBF1)

112 - John Godin - 2nd Place
vs Richard Nguyen, Unattached (WBF1)
vs Dominic Cruz, Ft Collins (WBF2)
vs Frank Vigil, Air Academy (WD 7-3)
vs Alvin Schmitz, Greeley West (LD 1-7)

119 - Eric Wilson - 1st Place
vs Alex Gonzales, Silver Creek (WBF2)
vs Ritchy Mata, Ralston Valley (WD 9-2)
vs Joseph Martinez, Greeley West (WD 5-0)

125 - Michael Balagna- 2nd Place
vs Roy Garza, Greeley West (WD 1-0)
Jesse Carlson, Legacy (WD 1-0)
vs Derek Locke, Ralston Valley (LBF2)

130 - Dan Godin
vs Teryn Kerr, Ralston Valley (LD 4-5)
vs Devin Dunnum, Ft Collins (WD 3-2)
vs Zack Crisel, Greeley Central (LBF3)

135 - Joe Tripp
vs Jesse Werth, Ft Collins (LBF2)
vs Joey Sepulona, Rangeview (WBF3)
vs Tyler Colbert, Bear Creek (WD 2-0)
vs Todd Stoltz, Greeley Central (WMD 18-8)
vs Dallin Milner, Air Academy (LD 1-3)

140 - Jakob Fisher
vs Jacob Kelly, Bear Creek (LTF 4-19)
vs Gabe Martinez, Legacy (WBF1)
vs Robbie Ford, Rangeview (LD 3-4)

145 - Derek Olson
vs Ben Dennis, Bear Creek (LBF2)
vs Mikail Mekhrailiyev, Greeley Central (LBF1)

152 - Josh Starr - 1st Place
vs Ellison Bradshaw, Rangeview (WBF2)
vs Eric Rademacher, Skyline (WBF2)
vs Daniel Landry, Mountain View (WD 9-7)
vs Dylan Contreras, Greeley Central (WD 5-2)

160 - Matt Jones
vs Travis Kendrick, Bear Creek (WD 9-5)
vs Kyle Johnson, Thornton (LBF3)
vs Joe Williams, Legacy (LBF3)

171 - Forfeit

189 - Greg George
vs Ben Bechard, Silver Creek (LBF3)
vs Steven Barnett, Ft Collins (WBF3)
William Price, Air Academy (WD 8-3)
vs Chris Mendoza, Greeley Central (LBF3)

215 - Penn Wade - 1st Place
vs Nick Thompson, Ralston Valley (WBF2)
vs Cody Brungardt, Unattached (WBF2)
vs Josh Brown, Skyline (WD 7-0)
vs Cole Jackson, Liberty (WD 6-3)

275 - Jake Chatham - 1st Place
vs Aldo Gomez (WBF1)
vs Jason Perez, Denver North (WBF2)
vs Jose Zavala, Skyline (WBF2)
vs Nick Prins, Mountain View (WBF1)