Valley Invitational Tournament
January 26, 2008

Berthoud - 236.5, Legacy - 212.5, Wiggins - 196.5,
Windsor - 126, Grandview - 123.5, Valley - 123.5,
Sterling - 112.5, Golden - 106.5, Highland - 86,
Merinio - 81, University - 65, Estes Park - 60.5,
Lake County - 15,
Lutheran - 14, Alameda - 13

Brown, Wilson Win
1/27/2008 10:16:00 AM
GILCREST | Grandview took a road trip to Valley High School in Gilcrest on Saturday, January 26, 2008 to compete in the Valley Invitational Tournament.  Gilcrest is located between Ft Lupton and Greeley on highway 85 and deep in the heart of Colorado High School wrestling. Number eight ranked Berthoud, 4A, won the tournament.

Senior Patrick Brown had a good day in the 135 pound bracket. Brown started the day with a win by fall over Valley's (3A) twelfth ranked Nate Lara. Next, he pinned Estes Park's Tyler Belt in the second period. The semi final match paired Brown with Wiggins (2A) third ranked Dallas McCombs. Brown won impressively by tech fall, 16-0. The championship match paired Brown with University High School's (3A) seventh ranked Ronnie Blea. Brown controlled the match from his feet, with takedowns, and finished the match with a three point near fall and a 14-6 major decision to win the championship.

Junior Eric Wilson cruised to the championship match with victories against unranked wrestlers. He met Wiggins (2A) number four ranked freshman standout, Buddy Watson, for the championship. The wrestlers chose to wrestle the match from their feet. Wilson was successful in countering Watson's continued attack and won the championship 11-6.

The Wolves ended up with four fifth place finishers. Senior Bryce Lucherini at 152, senior Cody McCutcheon at 160, junior Jacob Bomareto at 189 and junior Penn Wade at 215. Junior Michael Balagna (119) and junior Enes Ozekin (171) finished sixth. Grandview was missing their 103, 140 and 285 pound wrestlers.


103 - Forfeit

112 - Eric Wilson - 1st Place
vs Andrew Weakland, Valley (WBF1)
vs Evan Boyer, Valley (WTF 22-7)
vs Adam Tudor, Legacy (WD 8-3)
vs Buddy Watson, Wiggins (WD 11-6)

119 - Michael Balagna - 6th Place (coin toss)
vs Trent Ukaski, Windsor (WBF3)
vs Eddie Urban, Wiggins (LBF2)
vs Angel Luna, Lutheran (WBF2)
vs Derek Schneider, Valley (WD 6-1)
vs Graeden Sadlo, Berthoud (LD)
vs Eddie Urban, Wiggins (L coin toss)

125 - Joe Tripp
vs Tyler Roberts, Lutheran (WD 9-7 OT)
vs Brandyn Wahlert, Berthoud (LBF1)
vs Michael Archibeque, University (LBF1)

130 - Bryce Barrick
vs Jason Erker, Wiggins (LBF1)
 vs Aaron Snider, University (LBF3)

135 - Patrick Brown - 1st Place
vs Nathan Lara, Valley (WBF3)
vs Tyler Belt, Estes Park (WBF2)
vs Dallas McCombs, Wiggins (WTF 16-0)
vs Ronnie Blea, University (WMD 14-6)

140 - Forfeit

145 - Matt Fedderson
vs Asthon Renshaw, Legacy (LBF1)
vs John Barker, Merino (WD 7-2)
vs Nick Henderson, Berthoud (LBF1)

152 - Bryce Lucherini - 5th Place
vs Adam Erker, Wiggins (WD 12-5)
vs David Rothrock, Golden (LD 3-5)
vs Will Hannah, Valley (LD 4-8)
vs  Jacob Southard, Legacy, (W InjDef)

160 - Cody McCutcheon - 5th Place
vs Curtis Koehler, Windsor (WBF1)
vs Shane Mendoza, University (WD 13-5)
vs Robbie Helvie, Sterling (LBF3)
vs Austin Kern, Valley (LBF2)
vs Toby Wheeler, Berthoud (WD 5-2) 

171 - Enes Ozekin - 6th Place (coin toss)
vs Logan Doi, Lutheran (WD 5-4)
vs Tyler Davis, Wiggins (LTF 3-19)
vs Austin Bennett, Windsor (WBF3)
vs Andy Herrick, Highlands (WD 12-5)
vs Tylor Yates, Valley (LMD 7-17)
vs Justin Albright, Legacy (L coin toss)

189 - Jacob Bomareto - 5th Place

vs Colby Startlemaum, Sterling (LTF 17-2)
vs Will Pietsch, Estes Park (WBF1)
vs Kohl Knutson, Wiggans (LD 4-8)
vs Frank Duran, Legacy (WD 9-4)

215 - Penn Wade - 5th Place
vs Saul Anderson, Berthoud (WBF1)
vs Matt Garber, University (WBF1)
vs Shawn Jenkins, Legacy (LD 4-5)
vs Jimmy Schump, Berthoud (LBF1)
vs Tyson Urrathia, Merino (WBF2)

285 - Forfeit