Thornton Invitational Tournament
February 2, 2008

Air Academy, Alamosa, Bear Creek, Fort Collins, Grandview,
Greeley West, Horizon, Mountain View, Rangeview,
Silver Creek, Skyline, Thornton

Howling Wolves
February 2, 2008

| The center of a wolf's universe is its pack, and howling is the glue that keeps the pack together. Every wrestling team faces the tough task of putting their best lineup together week in and week out. Some teams have the depth to fill in for missing wrestlers, others don't. Grandview has had a tough time getting the pack together in the 07-08 season and the Thornton tournament was one of the first times this season that you could hear the pack howl, together ... as one. The Wolves were placed in the white division with Bear Creek, Greeley Central, Horizon, Mountain View, Rangeview, Skyline and Wray and finished in first place with 85 points. Greeley Central finished second with 61.5. Grandview had three first place finishers, three seconds, three thirds and one sixth place finish.

Senior Bryce Lucherini started the "chorus howl" in the semi-finals with a gutsy 7-5 overtime win over Wray's Jared Oestman to setup a showdown with Alamosa's seventh ranked (4A) Dominic Gaitan in the championship match. Lucherini pinned Gaitan in the third period to win the 152 pound bracket.

Junior Eric Wilson met up with Wray's returning 103 pound state champion (2A), senior Drew Ritchey, in the semi-final round. Wilson took Ritchey down late in the third period to tie the match 8-8 and then turned him for two points when the time expired. Wilson wrestled Greeley West's freshman standout, and 4A's number three ranked, Joseph Martinez for the championship and won 2-0.

Senior Cody Gilmore continued his quest towards a state championship with a victory over Wray's number five ranked (2A) Jeremy Lund in the semi's and then a win over Alamosa's number seven ranked (4A) Vicente Apodaca in the championship match.

Senior Patrick Brown lost to Greeley Central's number four ranked (4A)
Scott Schaeffer 8-1 two weeks ago at the Top Of The Rockies Tournament and avenged that loss in the second round with a smart, technical and physical performance that ended in a 7-5 victory. Brown lost in the championship match to Greeley West's freshman standout, Nathaniel Garcia, 7-4. Garcia is currently ranked second in 4A and has only lost one match this season.

Sophomore John Godin continues to impress at 103 pounds. Godin pinned both of his oppenents in his division in the first period and wrestled Alamosa star, Jesse Meis, in the championship match. Meis is a senior and currently ranked number one in the 112 pound weight class in 4A. He is the returning 103 pound state champion and the current Reno Touranment of Champions winner. Meis has wrestled in the 112 bracket in the new year and a number of people were surprised to see Meis back at 3's. Godin lost to Meis, like so many others, by tech fall after Meis racked up his points with the Alamosa tilt.

Junior Jacob Bomareto continues to wrestle well in the 189 pound bracket. Bomareto met Wray's sixth ranked Paul Campfield in the semi's and won by decision. Then he met Air Academy's number four ranked (5A) Zach Batey for the championship and lost by fall.

Michael Balagna (119), Josh Starr (140) and Penn Wade (215) wrestled good enough for third place finishes. Balagna lost to Greeley Central's Jacob Atwood in a one point match in the semi's and then beat Thornton's Josh Bunn in overtime. Josh Starr was blanked by Greeley Central's number two ranked (4A)
Rodney Hesse in the semi's and then defeated Alamosa's number 5 ranked (4A) Kyle Holman in a close 1-0 match. Penn Wade lost a one point match in overtime to Mountain View's Blake Stewart in the semi's and then defeated Alamosa's D.J. Salazar in the consolation match.

160 pounder Cody McCutcheon lost to Greeley Central's fifth ranked (4A) Jeremy Paz in the second round. McCutcheon won his next two matches and faced Alamosa's Taylor Barnett in the fifth place match. He fell behind Barnett early in the match but continued to wrestle tough until the final whistle. McCutcheon finished in sixth place.


103 - John Godin - 2nd Place
vs Richard Nguyen, Rangeview (WBF1)
vs Bear Creek (WBF1)
vs Jesse Meis, Alamosa (LTF 0-15)

112 - Eric Wilson - 1st Place
vs Gonzalez, un-attached (WBF2)
vs Dakota Boyd, Skyline (WBF2)
vs Drew Ritchey, Wray (WD 10-8)
vs Joseph Martinez, Greeley West (WD 2-0)

119 - Michael Balagna - 3rd Place
vs Donivan Montoya, Rangeview (WBF2)
vs Jacob Atwood, Greeley Central (LD 7-8)
vs Josh Bunn, Thornton (WD 6-4 OT)

125 - Joe Tripp
vs Anthony Torin, Wray (WBF3)
vs Roman Sutton, Horizon (LD 0-6)
vs Jake Hentham, Rangeview (LBF3)

130 - Forfeit

135 - Patrick Brown - 2nd Place
vs Stayner Richards, Skyline (WBF2)
vs Scott Schaeffer, Greeley Central (WD 7-5)
vs Javier Garcia, Wray (WBF3)
vs Nathaniel Garcia, Greeley West (LD 4-7)

140 - Josh Starr - 3rd Place
vs Austin Weed, Wray (WD 4-1)
vs Angel Ruelos, Mountain View (WD 10-2)
vs Rodney Hesse, Greeley Central (LD 0-6)
vs Kyle Holman, Alamosa (WD 1-0)

145 - Matt Fedderson
vs Ross Swartz, Horizon (LTF 0-15)
vs Jarred Bechtold, Skyline (LD 3-10)

152 - Bryce Lucherini - 1st Place
vs Daniel Landry, Mountain View (WBF1)
vs Corbin Davis, Bear Creek (WTF 19-4)
vs Jared Oestman, Wray (WD 7-5 OT)
vs Dominic Gaitan, Alamosa (WBF3)

160 - Cody McCutcheon - 6th Place
vs Jacob McKusker, Skyline (WBF2)
vs Jeremy Paz, Greeley Central (LD 3-7)
vs Matt Lenz, Wray (WD 5-3)
vs Zach Shadi Kingsky, Rangeview (WD 5-2)
vs Taylor Barnett, Alamosa (LD 6-16)

171 - Enes Ozekin
vs Corey Shoopman, Rangeview (LD 4-11)
vs Warren Braz, Wray (LD 4-6 OT)

189 - Jacob Bomareto - 2nd Place
vs Golinda Gonzalez, Horizon (WBF2)
vs Brad Nicholson, Rangeview (WD 6-5)
vs Paul Campfield, Wray (WD 7-5)
vs Zach Batey, Air Academy (LBF2)

215 - Penn Wade - 3rd Place
vs Clint Pflugrad, Horizon (WBF3)
vs Andrew Lesher, Rangeview (WD 12-3)
vs Blake Stewart, Mountain View (LD 1-2 OT)
vs D.J. Salazar, Alamosa (WD 8-3)

275 - Cody Gilmore - 1st Place
vs Tyler Morrison, Greeley Central (WBF1)
vs Tommy Jeffrey, Rangeview (WBF1)
vs Jeremy Lund, Wray (WD 7-1)
vs Vicente Apodaca, Alamosa (WD 6-1)