Top Of The Rockies Tournament
January 19 & 20, 2007
at Centaurus High School

Rio Rancho (N.M.) 179, Ponderosa 168 1/2, Broomfield 154 1/2, Alamosa 146 1/2, Roosevelt 136, Northridge 117 1/2, Brighton 110 1/2, Green River (Wyo.) 107, Loveland 107, Legacy 98 1/2, Chaparral 88 1/2, Rocky Mountain 86 1/2, Thompson Valley 82, Grandview 76, Fort Morgan 73, Uintah (Utah) 67, Fort Lupton 66 1/2, East 65 1/2, Mountain View 65, Longmont 63, Arrupe Jesuit 62 1/2, Thornton 60, Pueblo South 55 1/2, Palmer 55, Pueblo East 48 1/2, Monte Vista 43, Cheyenne Central (Wyo.) 42 1/2, Centaurus 36, Prairie View 30.


Wolves Finish 14th (1/21/07)
Grandview finished in fourteenth place out of twenty-nine teams at the toughest High School tournament in Colorado, Centaurus's "Top Of The Rockies",  on Friday and Saturday, January 19 and 20, 2007.  The Wolves had one wrestler finish in third place (Tyler McGoffin at 135 pounds) and one wrestler finish fifth (Patrick Brown at 125 pounds).

McGoffin lost to Justin Prieto, 7-10, in the second round. Prieto is from Monte Vista and he was ranked number two in Class 3A. McGoffin wrestled his way back on the consolation side of the bracket with wins against Ponderosa's number seven ranked Zach Valdez and Loveland's number twelve ranked Lance Jeffries which setup a rematch with Prieto. McGoffin won this time, 7-4.

Brown lost to Brian Wilson from Prairie View in round two, 10-11. Wilson was currently ranked number two in Class 4A. Then, in round five, Brown met up with the number one ranked wrestler in 5A, Centaurus's Dominic Valenzuela, and won, 4-3. Brown lost to the number two ranked wrestler from Roosevelt, Dan Frank, in round seven which put him in the consolation fifth or sixth place bracket where he faced Monte Vista's Adam Garcia and won 18-10.


103 - Eric Wilson
vs Riley Jones, Mountain View (WTF 16-0)

112 - Michael Balagna
vs Mike Vigil, Legacy (LD 2-8)
Andrew Soper, Centaurus (WBF2)
vs Josh Kinne, Rocky Mountain (WD 9-6)
vs Jordan Wagner, Longmont (LD 7-2)

119 - Emilio Palomares
vs Josh McGirl, Thompson Valley (LBF3)
vs Shawn Johnson, Loveland (WD 5-0)
vs Blane Walker, Ft. Morgan (LBF2)

125 - Patrick Brown - 5th Place
vs Jahsi Nkululeko, Denver East (WBF1)
vs Brian Wilson, Prairie View (LD 10-11)
vs Ethan Mozley, Green River, WY (WBF3)
Joey Melilo, Palmer (WMD 11-2)
 Dominic Valenzuela, Centaurus (WD 4-3)
Brandon Frahm, Ft. Morgan (WTF 16-1)
Dan Frank, Roosevelt (LD)
Adam Garcia, Monte Vista (WMD 18-10)

130 - Josh Starr
vs Tyler Graff, Loveland (LBF2)
vs Randy Sikkink, Thornton (WD 12-6)
vs Tim Rodriguez, Pueblo East (WD 18-7)
vs Dan Kelly, Ponderosa (LMD 12-0)

135 - Tyler McGoffin  - 3rd Place
vs Ethan Mulhem, Cheyenne Central (WMD 16-5)
vs Justin Prieto, Monte Vista (LD 10-7)
vs Matt Mestas, Alamosa (WBF3)
vs Zach Valdez, Ponderosa (WD 3-0)
Lance Jeffries, Loveland (WD 7-0)
vs Justin Prieto, Monte Vista (WD 7-4)

140 - John Wagner
vs Lance Gallegos, Arrupe Jesuit (LBF1)
Aaron Heredia, Monte Vista (WBF2)
Adrian Gomez, Pueblo South (WD 6-1)
Matt Basquez, Pueblo East (LBF2)

145 - Bryce Lucherini
vs Jacob Southard, Legacy (WBF3)
vs Jesse Snider, Ponderosa (LBF1)
vs Brian Pacheco, Monte Vista (Forfeit)
vs David Shawcroft, Pueblo South (WD 7-5)
vs Donovan Archuleta, Alamosa (LD 1-10)

152 - Forfeit

160 - Cody McCutcheon
vs Jake Hilderbrandt, Green River, WY (LBF1)
vs Jacob Ochsner, Palmer (WD 13-6)
vs Jeff Plum, Roosevelt (LBF2)

171 - Kevin McGoon
vs T.J. Heffron, Ponderosa (LBF3)
vs Terence Salazar, Northridge (LD 4-6)

189 - Forfeit

215 - Penn Wade
vs Stephen Everett, Thornton (LBF1)
vs Harold Bidlack, Rio Rancho, NM (WBF2)
vs Hunter Maxwell, Ft. Morgan (WBF2)
vs Dyrell Hallcy, Denver East (LBF2)

275 - Cody Gilmore
vs Marcus Felker, Thornton (LBF1)
vs Zach Oehler, Mountain View (WBF1)
vs Leo Gerhard, Loveland (WBF1)
vs Kyle Graulus, Ft. Morgan (LD 1-8)


WBF2 = Win By Fall, 2nd Period - 6 Team Points
WTF = Win Tech Fall (by 15) - 5 Team Points
WMD = Win Major Decision (by 8 to 14) - 4 Team Points
WD = Win by Decision (less than 8) - 3 Team Points